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Poison – EP

This EP is the fruit of several months’ work, we carefully picked the songs that would represent the evolution of our sound the best. From a bleak start with Poison and Ghost, dealing with toxic relationships, the mood lightens up as the EP progresses. Sway is about self-acceptance and Victoria is our very own anthem to fraternity between Peoples of the world.


Victoria - The new single by MNTR

Victoria – Single

Written in 2015 following the Paris attacks and inspired by the overwhelming international support that followed, “Victoria” is an ode to brotherhood across nations, far beyond politics and ideologies.


[OFFICIAL ARTWORK] Walls of Sound – EP (Public Release)

Walls of Sound – EP

Released on March 28th 2020, our debut EP “Walls of Sound” is an introduction to the MNTR sound. With its ominous atmospheres bursting into a flux of heavy riffs and catchy hooks, “Walls of Sound EP” combines a diversity of influences ranging from alt-rock to electronic music.